A CoNSeRT Lab Project

Our Lab has come in terms with Duckietown to help us train UniWA students in the use of A.I. in autonomous and self-driving vehicles.

In exchange, COmputer Networks & SErvices Research laboraTory will be hosting the little yellow ducklings and their NVIDIA Jetson-Nano powered Duckiebots at our premises. 

A.I. & Robotics made fun

With the help of Duckies, making self-driving cars was never more fun.

Learn on demand skills

By working with Duckibots you can learn on-demand technologies like Python, Ubuntu-Linux, ROS and Docker.

A playground for everybody

Docker The Duckietown platform is ideal for every individual, from researchers to students.

The Duckietown environment

The Duckietown ecosystem is designed in a way where students/researchers, can experience the state of the art technology of Robotics & A.I. by having fun. The ability to ”play” with its Hardware and Software in order to make a completley autonomous vehicle, can benefit the ”player”.

CoNSeRT's target

CoNSeRT’s aim is to provide its students with the necessery tools to develop their skills and knowledge related to Artificial Intelligence and mobile Robotics.